In regards to the strap system, what are some tips to optimize the performance and response for the M2x or M2?

There are two things that greatly affect the wearables response, strapping and calibration. The strapping should be carefully adjusted so you can feel all the frequencies, have contact in all working positions, and feel comfortable.  You will need to spend time initially listening to the calibration track, reference tones and material to adjust the strapping system to your body.  Find the right balance of pressure and contact first.

Notice that the top and the bottom of the unit need to be in contact with your body for full frequency response.  Adjust the straps to achieve various vertical positions for maximum contact.  Pressure between the unit and your body can aid in this contact, but too much will impede the transducers. Stop adjusting when you find a balance between comfort, contact, pressure and a smooth response.  

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    I love the system but I cannot for the life of me get it to sit right on my back. I either have the top not making contact with my back or there being a fist sized gap at the bottom. I'm not one to give up easily but I'm so frustrated, I really need some frame of reference on how it should sit and how to make it attach properly to certain (so I could look for mine) body types. I've spent literally 2 or more hours atdifferent times messing with the adjustments. Please, can yall post a training video or basically recommendation or something, anything. If I can't get it to work I'm going to just return it and I'd rather not because I love this thing. Please help me.