How do I calibrate the SUBPAC to sound and feel the best?

Here is a link to download a guided calibration file.  

SUBPAC Calibration

You can follow along with the script below. 

Thank you for purchasing a SUBPAC.  We hope you will enjoy feeling bass in music, films, VR and video games.  Follow these directions to get your SUBPAC setup.  First, turn the intensity knob on the SUBPAC all the way down to the little minus sign on the left of the knob.  Plug your listening device into the line in port of the SUBPAC.  This can come out of the headphone port of your computer, audio interface, television or any device that you can plug headphones into like a phone or tablet.  Now plug your headphones into the headphone port on the SUBPAC.  The signal from the device does not get amplified by the SUBPAC, it just passes through.  Adjust your device so my voice sounds a little louder than normal conversational volume.  You should feel like you would have to raise your voice just a little to match my volume in conversation.  Listening at this level shouldn’t feel like you are hurting your ears, but you are listening loud enough that all the frequencies sound balanced  Lets add a little music.  When you play music lower than this level, you will start to notice that the bass disappears or sounds from outside are louder than the music inside the headphones.  As the music rises, closer to the level of my voice you can hear it begin to balance in the frequency range.  Its important to note, when you adjust the listening device, you are adjusting the input to the SUBPAC so the tactile level changes as well. 


Now lets set the intensity level.  This whole time I have been talking there has been a low frequency noise floor playing.  This represents the tactile noise floor.  We need to calibrate the intensity knob so this noise floor feels like zero.  This level will differ depending on your body weight, SUBPAC placement and chair type.  For critical listening in the studio, you should re-calibrate using this recording when any of the above items changes.  To Calibrate, turn up the Intensity knob all the way.  Feel the noise floor?  It should feel like the pac has some motion.  Slowly turn the knob down until its just barely perceptible.  You should be able to feel it just like you can feel your heart after light exercise. We are turning down the knob so the tactile noise floor can’t be felt.  This signal is low and weak and we want the SUBPAC to accurately play the signal as low and weak.  Once you have found the level of the tactile noise floor, there is one more parameter to experiment with.  Use the chair strap and try the three different placements of high medium and low on your back.  You will find the spot on your body that feels the best for the music that you like.   Thanks for taking the time to calibrate the SUBPAC.  Enjoy.

(Calibration tones)

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