Returning customer who needs help transitioning to the S2

You are very used to production with the S1 but want the benefits of the S2.  Why are they different?  Most importantly the S2 has a flatter frequency response.  The S1 has some gradual ripples in the response curve that have been flattened with the new amplifier and custom transducer combination.  Most first impressions remark that the S2 feels more precise, faster and more accurate.  It can be precisely positioned with the strapping system and has more power before distortion (tactile dynamic range). These differences reflect an evolution in our tactile technology and a more customizable experience.  Functionally both units behave the same and are great reference tools for media professionals and connoisseurs of bass.  

The S1 is designed to rest on the chair seat.  The S2 is optimized to be strapped to a chair back.  It is important to adjust it so it can perform with maximum efficiency.  

The S1 has a linear intensity knob.  This means that the intensity rises by the same amount over the travel of the knob.  The S2 takes advantage of two intensity ranges.  The intensity curve of the S2 is linear in response from 0 - 70% for maximum accuracy when writing and mixing making it an extremely accurate and effective tool for high end professionals. From 70% to 100%  we have applied a logarithmic curve which rapidly increases the intensity in a non linear fashion allowing for an enhanced bass response for those looking for a less accurate but more bass heavy listening experience. In this way we have accommodated the requests of some of the most respected music producers in the world while at the same time respecting the wishes of the many music fans that have sent us positive feedback based on their experience with the previous SubPac S1 model. The 0-70% range and the 70%-100% ranges are both useful for professional use and casual music listening as they provide 2 different ways of feeling the music you love. Use them as both different modes of appreciating your music, but also as an A/B tool when used with reference material you know well.

After chair selection, placement and calibration you may find that your S2 knob setting differs from where the S1 was.  This is normal as the differences in topology and form factor are significant.  Expect to spend time experimenting and adjusting these variables that will enhance the S2's performance.  

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